Evaluations & Assessments

Obtaining an assessment for your needs or that of a client is an important decision.

An independent evaluation provides a thoroughly objective, impartial assessment of a client’s needs for technology and or other items and training. Assessments are based on a comprehensive review of the client’s history, an extensive interview process and an objective technology assessment, the evaluator will then issue a detailed, highly defensible report based on his or her findings.

Products used for evaluations.
It is equally important that individuals have an opportunity to try a variety of products before choosing which unique device or software program meets an individual’s needs. To support this endeavour we make all of our products available to assessment and evaluation centers as well as consultants on either a short or long term basis for use in their evaluations. If you have questions about what products are available please contact us.

The following assessment centers and consultants provide honest and unbiased independent evaluations (and other services). They understand the complexities and issues involved with the products available and the importance of matching these to an individual’s needs. These assessment centers are not resellers or vendor representatives and they do not have to work within the guidelines of distribution channels, discount structures or other vendor issues and can be completely impartial!

Work with a provider who can confidently tell you that their recommendations are made in the best interest of the client and are based on the clients’ needs, preferences, and readiness.  Work with impartial providers who will tell you that they have no financial interest nor receive any monetary compensation from any manufacturer for the sale of the recommended adaptive technology they recommend.

The following centers demonstrate dedication to professionalism and consistency, and have established a long track record of providing objective, defensible reports in a time-sensitive and customer-focused manner. We encourage you to work with them!

Adaptive Technology Services
ATS is a provider of a wide range of computer technology services for people who are blind and visually impaired.
  • Address: 629 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Email: info@adaptivetec.com
  • Phone: (415) 409-6650
  • Toll Free: (866) 564-6650
Central Coast Assistive Technology Center (CCATC)
Located in San Luis Obispo, California, the CCATC is a diverse technology center that provides evaluations, training and education while using assistive technology to increase independence and function. The CCATC specializes in general AT services, vision and hearing technologies and ergonomics.
Mission Statement: To solve challenges in employment, lifelong learning, productivity and independent living through the provision of assistive technology services and ergonomic training. The CCATC shall be unsurpassed in evaluations and trainings that are:
  • Accessible
  • Timely
  • Individualized
  • Solution-oriented
  • High-quality
Services shall be made available through a mobile outreach program to access the natural setting of the consumer. The technology device library shall be the most extensive and up-to-date in the market. Collaboration shall be the hallmark of the center’s success. For more information please visit: www.ccatc.org
Jeff Symons
As an independent consultant Jeff primarily works with people with physical impairments, spinal cord injuries etc.
  • Address: 4641 Adelaide Place, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
  • Email: jtsymons@sbcglobal.net
  • Phone: (916) 933 2375
The Lions Center for the Blind
The Lions Center is a nonprofit organization serving the blindness community of the Bay area and beyond. From technology assessments to individualized training, a variety of computer and assistive technology services are available.
  • Contact: Scott Blanks, Director of Assistive Technology and Computer Services
  • Email: scott_blanks@lbcenter.org
  • Phone: (510) 450-1580, x263.
RET Project
The Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (RET) Project at San Francisco State University offers a full range of services, from initial evaluation through product recommendation, customization, set-up, training, and tech support.
  • Address: The RET Project, c/o University Corporation, SFSU, PO Box 320160, San Francisco, CA 94132
  • Email: Ray Grott, Project Director – rgrott@sfsu.edu
  • Phone: (415) 338 1333
Sacramento Society for the Blind
Society for the Blind provides comprehensive blindness services within the Sacramento region, including the Central Valley and Sierra Foothills.
  • Address: 1238 S Street, Sacramento CA
  • Email: frontdesk@societyfortheblind.org
  • Phone: (916) 452-8271

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