Connect your braille display to your computer, smartphone or tablet simultaneously with the ALVA BC 680 from Optelec. This is the first 80-cell braille display that allows multiple device connection, so you can continue receiving email and texts while you work! You can even divide the console into a pair of separate braille controls with 2 sets of front keys and smartpads while also designating the number of cells per display.


  • 80 high-resolution Optelec braille cells and routing keys
  • Connect to 2 devices simultaneously
  • Long range Bluetooth for wireless connectivity (up to 300ft)
  • 4GB USB flash memory
  • On-board rechargeable batteries (10 hours of continuous use)

Better yet, you can disconnect the display from either device, and continue reading up to 80 characters at a time before moving your cursor! This is by far, the most versatile braille display for any work environment!

About Alva Braille Displays
In the mid-1980’s the Tieman Group, known today as Optelec, developed the first refreshable braille display using state-of-the-art piezoelectric braille cell technology. The piezoelectric cell technology changed the face of braille cells forever as it was the first technology that could withstand the weight of the finger so you can read the braille while it’s refreshing. Since then, the Optelec braille cell has continued evolving, improving the feel of the dot and the portability of the cell today, making it one of the most popular braille cells used in most braille displays and notetakers world-wide.