The Alva USB640 is the ideal braille display solution offering simple and easy-to-use functionality for the everyday user. The high-quality 40-cell braille display uses USB plug and play connectivity for a quick connection between your display and computer. Power on your screen reader and immediately experience effortless reading and unmatched control, right out of the box!

*With no internal memory and secure screen reading functionality, it’s the perfect solution for data sensitive environments!


  • 40 high-resolution Optelec braille cells – great low price!
  • Smooth reading surface for paper-like reading
  • Lightest 40-cell braille display available – only 1.21 pounds

ALVA Braille Displays Mean:

  • High-quality Optelec braille cells and cursor routing keys
  • Smooth reading surface for paper-like reading
  • Slim line design for portability
  • USB plug-and-play connectivity
  • 5 navigation thumb keys (10 on the BC680)
  • 4 eTouch braille navigation keys
  • Smartpad with 5-way navigation key and 4 function keys (BC series only)
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable reading