HoverCam T5
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HoverCam T5

Portable and Compact.

The HoverCam T5 USB-powered document camera helps you digitize and archive your print material quickly and accurately. However, unlike a flatbed scanner, it takes seconds and the T5 takes up minimal desk space. The base of the unit is only 4 inches x 5 inches (approximately the size of a tape dispenser or pencil box). The T5’s extended arm folds down into its post when not in use. It is the perfect complement to any desk, always available but never in the way. The camera itself weighs less than two pounds and easily fits into a large purse or backpack.

5 Megapixel HD CMOS Active Pixels Digital Image Sensor.

Scan photos, books, documents and oversized artwork with incredible detail. The cost-effective HoverCam T5 makes it easy with its native 300 dpi and up to 1200 dpi enhanced clarity. The T5’s sensor is 1/2.5″ in size. It is one of the largest CMOS sensors on the market. The bigger the sensor, the better the image it creates. You can expect superb image quality from the HoverCam T5, often better than document cameras twice as much. The HoverCam Flex software which is included with the T5 includes the ability to zoom with the turn of the mouse-wheel. Further, cropping to scan a detail is as easy as clicking and dragging. Brightness, saturation, contrast and other settings can be adjusted to give you the optimal results.

Anchoring Bumper

The user places documents under the HoverCam in any way desired. However, this means that a document may not always be straight. The anchoring bumper solves this problem for you. The anchoring bumper is an L-shaped device placed at the edge of the document. HoverCam Flex software recognizes the anchoring bumper and automatically straightens the document. It makes scanning a no-brainer.

Scans up to 11” x 14”

Some users need a dedicated scanner for large detailed images. If you want to capture large documents or books at the highest quality, the T5 is for you. Business professionals, medical offices and librarians agree that the T5 is simple, affordable and convenient.

T5 Document Camera

Ingenious Software.

Every T5 comes with the HoverCam Flex suite. Whether you are scanning a book to be digitized with OCR, capturing an image direct to PDF or dropping a jpeg into a Word document, HoverCam Flex makes it simple. More details are available on the HoverCam Flex page.

HoverCam Flex Includes:

  • Audio and Video Recording
  • Screen Recording
  • Annotation
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Interactive Whiteboard Integration
  • Image Rotation
  • Auto White Balance, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Freeze Frame
  • Zoom and Scroll
  • MSI
  • Archive Manager
  • OCR
  • Drag-and-Drop Images or Videos
  • Auto-Straightening
  • Time-Lapse Photography
  • Video Conferencing

Six LED Lights.

The HoverCam T5 provides its own lighting. The LED lights do not require expensive bulbs that need replacement every few months. In addition, the HoverCam Flex software tends to compensate for most low light conditions.

Kensington Lock Slot.

Given the small size of the HoverCam T5, we have provided a theft deterrent in the form of a Kensington Lock slot. A Kensington Locks are convenient and easy to use. Simply attach it to your HoverCam and wrap the cord around a permanent fixture, such as a large desk. It thwarts would-be thieves much in the same way a bicycle lock does. Locks are secured in place with a key or combination lock attached to a rubber / metal cable. When you need to take your HoverCam with you, simply unlock it and you are on your way.

HoverCam T5 Includes:
T5 Document Camera, a four foot USB cable, a positioning mat, an anchoring bumper, and a carrying pouch. Two warranty available with registration.