MagniLink S Computer/Monitor

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MagniLink S Computer/Monitor can be connected to a computer or a monitor. Use the system in a classroom for viewing materials or to record a lesson or presentation with the video recording feature.

The system can also be used as a regular video magnifier at home, connected to a LVI monitor and a docking station.

MagniLink S Computer/Monitor comes with both HDMI and USB 3.0 connections and can be controlled by the integrated control box or from the computer’s keyboard. The camera is available in HD or SD resolution.

MagniLink S Computer Monitor used in classroom
MagniLink S Computer/Monitor used for distance viewing in classroom.

MagniLink S Computer Monitor used at work, with MLS Dockingstation
MagniLink S Computer/Monitor is also suitable for office work. This picture
also shows the MagniLink S Docking Station.


MagniLink S tillbehör: 2-i-1 väska och MLS dockningsstation
There are many smart accessories to MagniLink S, such as 2-i-1-carrying case and a dockingstation.




  • Excellent image quality
    There’s no ghosting with 60 fps (full digital frames/second). High brightness and contrast (high quality light sensitive lens). HDMI connection and HD/SD progressive high resolution for flicker-free image and sharp edges. The result is an unmatched, superior image.
  • The latest technology
    Super-speed USB 3.0 connection – ten times faster and backwards compatible with USB 2.0. HDMI connection to monitor – for fast and stable connection.
  • Lightweight and portable
    MagniLink S is always accessible; sets-up and is ready to use in virtually seconds. Place the system to the left or the right side of the laptop – the excellent design makes it flexible and shock resistant.
  • High quality material
    Construction with casted metal and advanced plastic materials throughout, combined with high quality technology, including the camera lens. All parts designed for durability and recyclability in mind.
  • Powered by the computer
    The user will never worry about battery strength or misplaced battery chargers.


Smart Accessories

  • Brilliant dockingstation
    Plug in the MagniLink S into the docking station and you are instantly connected. The reading table has pre-wired cables on the back. (Large control box is supplied.)Perfect for moving the MagniLink S between home, office or school. The reading table includes separate friction brakes on the X and Y axis.
  • Smart 2-i-1 carrying case
    Super-portable, the MagniLink S has a two-in-one carrying case that has ample room for the unit, a 15.4″ laptop and accessories. The removable inner case can be used separately or easily stuffed in a backpack. .
  • LVI Monitor
    The high quality monitor from LVI, developed for low vision users, comes with antiglare glass, excellent sharpness and contrast, smooth edges and a design that matches your MagniLink S. Available with 19″and 23″ screens. Add a monitor stand or monitor arm.
  • External controlpanel
    External control panel comes with tactile buttons for easy selection of the functions. Available in two sizes.


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