Optelec ClearView+ Feature Packs

Optelec Offers Four Feature Packs and a Footswitch to Add Extra Functions to the ClearView+

The Optelec ClearView+ desktop video magnifier offers a variety of options that can be tailored to meet product functionality and most budget needs. Select the preferred ClearView+ system and then choose between multiple feature options shown below.

Simplicity and ease of use are key factors in reading pleasure. Optelec’s re-engineered ClearView+ sets the standard for desktop reading machines. With “One-Button Simplicity “ the user can increase or decrease magnification and switch between reading modes from a single location.

– Selectable foreground and background color combinations to provide more contrast and better visibility – Black/Yellow, Black/Green, Blue/Yellow, Blue/White, Black/Amber, Black/Red, Black/Purple – Yellow/Black, Black/Green, Yellow/Blue, White/Blue, Amber/Black, Red/Black, Purple/Black

The Basic Feature Pack

Depending on your eye condition, certain text and background color combinations allow for ease of reading. The Basic Feature Pack enables you to choose between 16 different color combinations. Additionally, the red dot position locator helps you to locate your place on the page quickly and easily while using high levels of magnification.

  • Position locator and find function
  • 16 selectable fore and background color combinations


The Advanced Feature Pack

With everything that the Basic Feature Pack has and more, the Advanced Feature Pack will help bring the ClearView+ to its full potential. The added benefits of the Advanced Feature Pack include an adjustable window blind and line marker allowing you to ignore any distraction from other type on a page and focus on the line you are currently reading. Additionally, the Advanced Feature Pack has Split-screen functionality, Picture-in-Picture capability and an external PC Switch option.

  • Position locator and find function
  • 16 selectable fore- and background color combinations
  • Line Marker / Window Blinds
  • Split Screen functionality (with the 22″ widescreen display and color system only)
  • PC switch & Picture-in-Picture (with advanced PC system only)

The Auto-Zoom Feature Pack

Featuring all the benefits of the Basic Feature Pack, imagine using the ClearView+ for reading without adjusting any controls. Simply press a button to activate Auto-Zoom, which automatically displays text at the user’s preferred size and appearance. Place a newspaper or magazine on the movable reading table and the ClearView+ displays text in a preset height and viewing mode, regardless of the original document font size and color.
The Auto-Zoom facility is easily switched-off at the press of a button to allow the user to have full manual control of the ClearView+ for viewing images and objects or when hand-writing.

  • Position locator and find function
  • 16 selectable fore- and background color combinations
  • Auto-Zoom Function

The “Zero-Button” Feature Pack

Taking the ClearView+ “One-Button-Simplicity” a step further the ClearView+ can be upgraded with a “Zero Button” module. This upgrade automatically converts and displays text in the user’s preferred pre-set magnification and contrast. Regardless of the documents font size, the “Zero Button” displays the text in the preferred size. Simply rest your hands on the comfortable wrists pad, place your document on the xy-table and the ClearView+ takes care of the rest.

  • Front without controls with soft padded wrist pads
  • The “Auto-Zoom” system is set to the preferred mode and font size, and the presented material is then automatically adjusted

The PC Footswitch

The PC Footswitch will allow you to switch between the display on either your PC and ClearView+ unit in several viewing options, all with the push of a button.  This optional functionality enables a full screen display of either the PC image or ClearView+ image, a PC and ClearView+ split screen display and the PC image displayed as a Picture-in-Picture image on the ClearView+.

Note: The PC Footswitch can be used with or without a Feature Pack and can be used with a color system only.