Pronto! 18 V4

Pronto! 18 V4 is a Full-Function Braille Notetaker.

As the name suggests, Pronto! 18 features an 18-cell refreshable braille display, an 8-button ergonomic braille keyboard, clear sounding speech output, and a comprehensive suite of productivity applications that help make life easier at home, school, and at work.

Pronto! represents the very best in terms of form and function in a compact, lightweight shell. Amazingly, this powerful little device is only about 6 inches wide, 3.5 inches deep, and just under an inch high. Thanks in part to the lightweight magnesium housing, Pronto! weighs just under 1 pound, and is the perfect companion for daily life.

Application Suite

Pronto! comes with a comprehensive suite of applications that help make life easier, including:

  • Word Processor: Create and edit Rich Text Format (RTF), Braille Ready Format (BRF), and text (TXT) documents. Edit Word DOC and DOCX formatted documents, and save them in RTF format.
  • PDF Document Viewer: Open and read accessible PDF documents. A password dialog allows you to enter passwords for protected documents.
  • Planner: Create appointments and meetings in this easy to use calendar application
  • Address Book: Record names and contact information for everyone you know.
  • File Manager: Access files on the internal flash memory, the included 4GB SD card, or from a standard USB stick that you insert into Pronto!
  • Timers: A family of clock related applicaitons that includes date and time, stopwatch, timers, and alarms.
  • Calculator: With both a standard and a scientific mode, performing calculations with Pronto is as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Spreadsheet Viewer: Allows you to open and read Excel (XLS and XLSX) format spreadsheets. Read cell by cell within a column or row, jump between worksheets, access comments, and more.
  • DAISY Reader: read DAISY books whle you’re on the go.
  • MP3 Player: Listen to music, podcasts, or other audio files, including recorded notes that you created using the Pronto! voice recorder.
  • Voice Recorder: press and hold the record button on the front of Pronto! to quickly record audio notes or reminders.
  • Email: Using the built-in Wi-Fi, access your POP and/or IMAP email accounts.
  • Web Browser: Using the built-in Wi-Fi, surf the web with the Pronto! web browser.
  • Internet Radio: Listen to Internet radio stations from around the world, and even bookmark your favorites.
  • Braille Translator: With separate settings for reading and writing, Pronto! let’s you decide whether to work with Grade 1, Grade 2, or Computer Braille. Simple keyboard commands even allow you to switch on the fly between braille codes.

What’s NEW?

  • Surf via WiFi, read and write e-mails
  • USB-Master Typ-A
  • 4 Bluetooth channels for simultaneous connections
  • SDHC-Slot (according to SD 2.0 specification). Included is a 4 GB SDHC-card
  • New processor board with a higher clock frequency and 128 MB additional memory
  • Pronto!-Software Version 4.0 with many new features

Organizer Development

From the very beginning we have taken great care to develop the easiest and most reliable ways to operate the Pronto! functions. The result of our efforts is truly stable and comprehensive software. There are function keys for the user to define as shortcuts as well as a keyboard. As we upgrade the software to incorporate new developments, it will continue to meet the latest standards.

Technical specifications:

Key features:

  • Keyboard for inputting 8-dot braille
  • 18-cell braille display with integrated cursor routing
  • 1 built-in mono loudspeaker
  • 1 built-in microphone


  • Navistick for easy and comfortable operation
  • 4 function keys to quick-launch applications

Speech output:

  • Output with very clear intonation
  • Choice of language versions
  • Two voices for reading texts (English and language of your country (where applicable)


  • WLAN with WPA2 ? IEEE 802.11g
  • 4 Bluetooth channels for simultaneous connections
  • USB-Master Type A
  • Mini-USB (Slave) Type-Mini-B
  • Connect to an external microphone (mono) and headphones (stereo, 3.5 mm)
  • SDHC-Slot (according to SD 2.0 specification)


  • 256 MB RAM and 32 GB Flash
  • Included is a 4 GB SDHC-card


  • Built-in Lithium-ion battery
  • Power adapter included 100 - 240 V 50 - 60 Hz
  • Operating time up to 20 hrs.

Size and weight:

  • 17.4 cm × 9.2 cm × 3.2 cm (appr. 6.8 in. × 3.6 in. × 1.25 in.)
  • 450 g (appr. 1 lb)


Use Pronto! to connect with portable devices (e.g.: iPhone/iPad), or to a PC/laptop to either syncronise with Microsoft Outlook, or to use it as a braille display in conjunction with screen reading software.