Zoomax MARS HD

Mars HD

Lightest Portable Video Magnifier
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Zoomax Mars HD portable electronic magnifier, lighter than 0.9 kg, is a reading aid for visually impaired for work and study at home, school and office. It can be connected to monitor and computer very easily through HDMI and USB.It will take you only seconds to fold and pack up Mars HD in a customized backpack, then you start clear reading journey.

Considerable Design for Study and Work

Considering the large and constantly variable information received from study and work, Mars HD equipped with the full functions is an electronic magnifier for student and people at work to change color, read line by line, find the point from the whiteboard writing, save it for latter study, etc. It’s effective to keep pace with the fast change of information during study and work.

Multi-Angles Viewing with Excellent Image

Taking the dynamic image processing technology and HD camera, Mars HD is an excellent low vision device for multi-angles viewing. Just rotate the camera head and body of Mars HD, you can read book, view whiteboard and make up with stunning image quality at different directions anytime.

USB/HDMI Connection for PC/MAC/Monitor

Mars HD can be fast connected to monitor, laptop and desktop computer for reading through USB and HDMI connections. You can control all functions with both control panel and computer keyboard while connecting to PC and Mac. It’s all up to your using habit.

Lightest Weight, Smallest Size for Anywhere

With less than 0.9 kg and compact design, Mars HD is the lightest and smallest portable video magnifier which is ideal for classroom, office and home using especially for vision impaired students and people. Fold and pack it up within seconds, then reading could be anywhere.

Mars HD Specifications

  • Camera:

         12X optical zoom, Autofocus;
HD with resolution 1280 x 720 pixels;

        Rotate 330°vertically or 180° horizontally for

        multi-angles reading

  • Frame Rate:

        60  full  digital frame /second @ 720p

  • Working height under camera:  19.5cm
  • Magnification ranges: 

        2X ~ 80X  (based on 14” screen)

  • Color modes:  

        Full color + 16 high contrast color modes

  • 3 viewing modes: 

        Distance viewing; Self viewing;

        Reading viewing(left/right)

  • USB/HDMI/DVI connection: 

        Connect to TV, monitor, laptop, desktop computer

  • Support computer operating system:

        Mac; Windows Operating Systems (including Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8)

  • Functions: 

        Zoom in/out, Color mode adjustment, Brightness adjustment, Reading lines/windows, Freeze frame,

        Split screen, Find, Image saving, Led light on/off, Setting memory

  • Lithium ion Battery: 

        Rechargeable, around 4 hours continuous use

  • Net weight: Less than 0.9 kg