About Us

We are glad you found us!

Based in the North Bay, Sterling Adaptives supplies the most technologically advanced equipment and software currently available.   We serve those who are blind or have visual impairment and also others with disabilities.

We supply a full range of computer hardware and software, peripherals and assistive technology products and can support these products with free demonstrations, installations, full hardware and software troubleshooting, and ongoing product training.

We work in unison with private individuals, non-profit agencies, private organizations, educational establishments and commercial enterprises.  We help our customers fully realize their potential.

We are well known for providing you and your clients with the standards of service that you demand and that result in the right product at the right time and with the right back up service.

We look forward to hearing from you, and being afforded the honor of showing and proving just how Sterling our service is!

Mark and Lesley Ann Gibbons

Our vision and drive is supported by the years of experience in the Adaptive Technology industry.  We have collectively benefited from 55 years of experience, primarily focused on the low vision and blindness market. For 17 of those years we have worked for corporations as colleagues, in both the United Kingdom and here in the U.S.

In 2007 we decided to launch Sterling Adaptives as a result of our deep desire to better serve the low vision and blindness market.  Since then we have become known for providing clients with the very best service and detailed attention to the specific needs of each and every individual and/or organization that we serve.

Sterling focuses its expertise on serving Northern California with special consideration for the Central Valley from Redding to Bakersfield and out to the coastal town of San Luis Obispo.  We believe it’s our obligation to provide service throughout the region.

We work closely with all the service providing agencies in California. These alliances provide clients, who receive support and training from these agencies, with a seamless and well communicated transition.

Sterling Adaptives desires to build and sustain a strong partnership with you, responding to you and your client’s needs with speed, agility, and a solution-orientated approach.

Our Core Philosophies & Values

  1. We respect honesty and forthrightness. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, provide timely, accurate and complete information, we encourage prompt disclosure of bad news and welcome disagreement.
  2. We surround ourselves with awesome, fun, passionate, productive, talented, self-motivated people committed to each other and the community. We are here because we believe we fit that definition.
  3. The team concept means that we can achieve much more together than apart. Although each of us is remarkable and amazing in our own niche …. there is no stage here for rock stars seeking their own glory.
  4. We are a small team and we all pitch in and help out where ever and whenever needed – No one is above taking out the trash!
  5. We are always refining and improving our processes — both personally and as a team.
  6. We work smarter, not harder.
  7. Our unofficial motto is: “All things subject to change.” We laugh about it, but it’s true.
  8. In this economy, and most specifically because we are a “tech” company, we must be nimble, adaptable, flexible, and responsive.
  9. Principles and values don’t change. We believe in doing things the right way.
  10. Our customers pay our salaries. They keep the lights on and allow us to do what we love every day. Without our customers we don’t have a business.
  11. Because of our goals and ideals in the customer service field,  sometimes we can get frustrated, but we honestly treat our customers like a community that we’ve been privileged to be part of.


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