Braille and Tactile Graphics
for Science and Math

FREE one day workshop
Learn new methods to transcribe math and science materials into braille and tactile graphics, utilizing new, more flexible and affordable tools.This workshop will teach you how to:

  • Draw tactile graphics using a tactile drawing pad or mouse
  • Transform bitmap and scanned images quickly into line drawings
  • Make braille/tactile graphs – just type in a formula and it’s done automatically
  • Create tactile diagrams with Nemeth braille math labels
  • Add audio labels to tactile graphics for greater interactivity and use immersive sound for your audios

Join Irie-AT and Sterling Adaptives as we show you an exciting new solution for teaching math and science for braille-reading students of all ages. The trainers will demonstrate techniques using theTactileView design suite and an Index Everest-D V4 (now capable of super-high-resolution tactile graphics).

Tuesday April 30th from 9am to 3 pm

California School for the Blind. 500 Walnut Avenue Fremont, CA 94536


For more information, please contact

image of a math equasion and a graph