Braille Labeler

The Braille Label Maker: an Easy Way to Make Braille Labels on the Go

The 6dot™Braille Label Maker™ is an exciting new way to make high quality Braille labels.

Designed to be used by people who read and write Braille as well as those who support

them. It is portable and can be used independently of any other technology.

Ergonomically Designed

to be portable and easy to use anywhere

Built-in Braille Keyboard

supports all grades of Braille in virtually every language

Powered Embossing Produces High Quality Braille

for accurate reading with minimal hand strength required

Automatic Scoring and Cutting

provides effortlessly clean label cuts without the need for scissors

QWERTY Keyboard Connectivity

option enables people who cannot write Braille to create labels

Two Power Options: AA Batteries (standard) for Portability or Mains Adapter (optional accessory) for Desktop Use

extending the label making choices for user

The Young Braille Learner

The Braille Label Maker aims to:

  • engage with the young user/learner of Braille extending their use and exposure to Braille in creative ways
  • grow with the young learner
  • teach a life skill which can be used in school and out
  • be appealing to peers, encouraging collaboration and inclusion

The Supporters of Users of Braille (teacher, parent, employer)

In a family group or classroom/work setting, the Braille user may be alone in

understanding the language. Supporters who may want to use the Braille Label Maker

with the QWERTY keyboard option include:

  • those who do not know how to type or read Braille
  • those who support someone who uses Braille in home, school, work or social environments
  • teachers who modify materials to be accessible for Braille readers e.g. exam papers, resource packs
  • Informed employers who want to make the workplace accessible

The Independent Adult User of Braille

For this group we have ensured the Braille Label Maker is:

  • easy to use everywhere at work and home
  • able to enhance daily routines, hobbies, and social life
  • contributing to making their life easier, more efficient, more accessible
  • versatile so it can be used for functional as well as literary Braille

Wider Society

Agencies that interact with people who use braille may creatively opt to use the Braille

Label Maker to support their clients in different settings include:

  • pharmacies labeling drugs /prescriptions for people who rely on Braille
  • general stores who have an interest in inclusion
  • libraries providing services for Braille users
  • museums and other places of interest