Optelec ClearView C Speech

The new Optelec ClearView C is a unique desktop video magnifier for people with low vision. It is designed for people who need magnification to read or do their hobbies. The unique design looks great in the interior of your home and offers a comfortable reading experience.

Comfortable Reading
The C-shaped arm offers more reading and working space than ever before. Read your favorite newspaper, enjoy craftwork or write a check without being restricted in movement  and without moving the reading table into your stomach. This way of reading is unique among desktop video magnifiers.

Contemporary Design
Made from high quality materials, the sleek design of the ClearView C fits into any home, school or work environment.

Customizable Setup
You can customize the ClearView C according to your needs. Switch from basic to advanced functionalities, create more working space with the Comfort setup, use the regular or the large reading table, and upgrade the ClearView C with several other modules. Anything is possible.