Dancing Dots Lime Lighter Leggiero

Lime Lighter Leggiero (for Singers, Keyboard Players and all Instrumentalists)

  • 5-pound, 18.4-inch All-in-one Touch screen Windows computer
    • Runs on AC power or for up to 5 hours on internal, rechargeable battery.
    • Form Factor: All-in-One, Multi-Touch screen, flat-panel PC
    • Video: 18.4-inch
    • Full HD touch display
    • Weight: 5 lbs
    • Wireless keyboard and mouse
    • About one-inch thick with supporting legs retracted. Mounts easily on conventional music stand or keyboard rack.
    • With legs extended, sits on tabletop.
  • USB foot pedal
  • Lime software with custom music magnification and mark up features
  • SharpEye Music Reader: music OCR software for scanning scores to be read with The Lime Lighter
  • Dancing Dots will install and configure all software, including any screen reader or third-party magnification programs, before shipping the unit to you.
  • Option to have Dancing Dots prepare up to 10 pages of your print music collection to be ready to read with your Lime Lighter on delivery. Offer expires 45 days after shipping date.
  • Two-hour remote training and orientation consultation with Dancing Dots after you take delivery. We connect by phone and, with your permission, to your Lime Lighter via internet connection.