Dolphin Guide

New Guide Version 9 Released!

People with sight loss can enjoy a world of reading with Guide 9’s straightforward access to thousands of accessible eBooks. Guide 9 also introduces touch support for the latest Windows 8.1 tablets and touch screen laptops for people with low vision.

NEW: Download and read thousands of books, magazines and periodicals with Guide Bookshelf
NEW: Read on the go – transfer your books to a portable MP3 and DAISY players
NEW: Straightforward gestures allow people with low vision to explore Guide menus on the latest Windows 8.1 tablets and touch screen laptops
NEW: Choose from fantastic new natural sounding Vocaliser Expressive voices in Guide
NEW: Get quick access to Guide’s features with support for Dolphin’s large print, high contrast QWERTY keyboard

Never used a computer and losing your sight? Get started with Dolphin Guide & soon you’ll be:

  • Emailing friends and family
  • Reading your own post
  • Surfing the web
  • Playing computer games and more

Computers don’t have to be complicated! Dolphin Guide is simple talking computing for people that are blind or partially sighted and are new to computers. Popular with seniors, Guide is easy to learn and includes everything you’ll need to get started. Never get lost or confused! Guide keeps it simple, with step by step choices that guide you through to guaranteed computer success.

Key Benefits of Dolphin Guide:

Read Instantly

Browse accessible libraries and download your book. Once downloaded, you can instantly read your book in Guide’s accessible reader.

Reading your book in Guide is easy. Just press F8 to start and stop reading, and use the UP and DOWN arrows to skip to the next and previous lines.

Pressing ESCAPE in the reader to brings up more reading options, including:

  • Jump straight to a heading
  • Jump straight to a page
  • Search for a word or phrase in the book
  • Read on the go by transferring your book to a portable MP3 or DAISY player
  • Change your reading settings, including voices and autoplay options

Touch Screen Support

Guide’s simple talking menus are now accessible for people with low vision on the latest Windows 8.1 tablets and touch screen laptops.

Simple gestures make it incredibly easy to use Guide on a touch screen:

  • To explore menus and documents, slide one finger up and down the screen
  • To select the highlighted menu option, tap twice anywhere on the screen
  • To go back, swipe from right to left
  • To zoom in, touch your thumb and one finger on the screen, and spread then further apart
  • To start and stop Guide reading, tap once with two fingers

Use the buttons on Guide’s Touch Bar to select menu items, go back to a previous menu, zoom in and out, start and stop Guide reading, turn the voice on/off, and get help for your current menu.

When you need to type in text, Guide opens a high contrast, large print onscreen keyboard. If typing on a touch screen isn’t for you, you can plug in your own USB keyboard.

Simple, Easy Computing

Dolphin Guide has been designed from the ground up to ensure that users achieve the desired results quickly with the minimum of know-how, meaning that computing is simple, easy and fuss free.

New Natural Sounding Vocaliser Expressive voices

Nuance logoGuide 9 sees the arrival of fantastic new natural sounding voices. The new Vocaliser Expressive voices are the latest offering from text-to-speech experts Nuance, and with enhanced expressivity, are more natural sounding than ever.

To coincide with the arrival of Guide’s new natural sounding voices, Guide now includes Dolphin’s tried and tested Synthesiser Access Manager (SAM) to manage voice processing and help to prevent any speech-related errors.

Guide 9’s Vocaliser Expressive voices replace the Realspeak voices used in Guide 8 and previous. From Guide 9, Realspeak voices will no longer be available in Guide.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

Dolphin Guide reads everything out aloud, so you can never get lost or confused, which means that you can gain confidence every step of the way. Guide provides a simple, easy computing experience, either using simple keyboard and mouse operations or voice activation. Guide can also magnify the information on every screen, as well as giving help with any function at the press of a button.

Full Suite of Functions

Whether using Guide to communicate, entertain or for organising, you can be assured of a simple, easy computing experience designed for peace of mind every step of the way.

Guide will perform well on most modern computers; ideally with the following minimum spec:

  • Windows 7, 8.1, 10
  • 2GB RAM
  • 5GB free hard disk space
  • 2GHz Processor (Intel Pentium, Xeon, i-Series or AMD equivalent recommended)
  • Reliable internet connection for browsing, downloading and streaming audio media such as internet radio (optional)
  • Audio output from speakers or headset
  • Peripherals (such as printers and scanners): any off-the-shelf device should perform well with Guide
  • Antivirus solutions that work best with Guide: we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Defender in Windows 8.1) or AVG Free edition