EasyReader Express

EasyReader Express is an innovative web-based subscription service. EasyReader Express enables experienced DAISY talking book providers to “add” an Express version of EasyReader to DAISY talking book content. With EasyReader Express added, readers can to instantly open the DAISY talking book in a fully accessible reader.

By adding EasyReader Express, DAISY talking book producers can ensure all their readers can access their DAISY talking books. Adding EasyReader Express is ideal for publishers of DAISY talking books, professional transcription services, and DAISY talking book libraries.

Key Benefits of EasyReader Express

Reach a Wider Reading Audience

  • Fully accessible for readers with visual impairments and dyslexia.
  • Add EasyReader Express to all your full text and audio DAISY talking books.

Seamless Access to your DAISY Talking Books

  • Readers can instantly open your DAISY talking books in EasyReader Express.
  • Readers can also play your books using their own DAISY player.

Keep your Readers up to Date with the Latest DAISY Talking Book Player

  • The latest version of EasyReader Express is always added to your DAISY talking book content.

Meet your Legislative Requirements

  • Ensure all your readers have access to all your DAISY talking books.