Eye-Pal ROL

Eye-Pal ROL is a Revolutionary Reader for the Blind: Portable, Comfortable and Convenient.

By incorporating ABiSee’s exclusive AudioMinder technology, it is the only reader that can also assist you with your daily schedule.

Now battery powered! For a long time you wished to be able to take your reader along to an appointment or to a restaurant – and now you can!

Two HD Auto-Focus Cameras, Ergonomic Thumbwheels and Tactile Controls are Integrated Into a Single Convenient Unit.

  • Fits naturally in your hands!
  • No camera arms!
  • No separate control keypad!

In Addition to Standard Printed Pages, Eye-Pal ROL Accurately Reads Other Types of Printed Text:

  • Glossy magazines
  • Fine print
  • Pill bottle labels
  • Product packaging
  • Restaurant menus