Goldtouch Go! Travel Comfort Keyboard

The Goldtouch Go! Travel Comfort Keyboard is the lightweight portable version of our standard keyboard that allows you to type in total comfort. The Goldtouch Go! Travel Comfort Keyboard is ideal for laptop users; it’s a mobile full-size keyboard, which conveniently connects via USB port, and helps alleviate the awkward shoulder, arm, and wrist positions that many people find themselves in while trying to type on their laptop keyboard.
The Goldtouch Go! Travel Comfort Keyboard maintains our signature adjustability from 0-30° on the horizontal plane to properly straighten your wrists, and 0-30° of vertical tenting to help alleviate pressure on your tendons and align your arms and shoulders in a natural and comfortable position. The Go! ergonomic keyboard was designed to maintain our signature soft key touch, which increases keying comfort and reduces the risk of “bottoming out.”

In addition, the Go! Computer Keyboard comes with two protective covers that reduce the exposure during travel that could lead to key cap loss when traveling. When you’re ready to use the Go!, the protective covers simply slide underneath the keyboard into grooves on each side of the device, and you’re ready to begin working.

It’s the perfect companion for mobile professionals and road warriors. It can also be combined with our Go! Travel Notebook Stand to help you quickly setup an instant office.


    • The Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard is full-size lightweight keyboard, weighing in at 1 lbs, and is compatible with PC and Mac Operating Systems.
    • The Go! Travel Computer Keyboard adjusts to fit your individual typing position, to help increase comfort, and reduce the risk of injury associated with bending or twisting your body in uncomfortable and awkward positions.
    • The removable protective covers allow for easy storage, and make good use of limited space environments.
    • The Go!’s soft key touch and low activation force reduces fatigue, and helps decrease the risk of “bottoming out” when keying.
    • The Go! Travel Keyboard includes a USB port to attach a low powered device such as a USB Memory Stick or a USB mouse.
    • The Goldtouch Go! Travel Comfort Keyboard GTP-0055 is compatible with Windows PC, MAC, and various flavors of LINUX and UNIX without requiring 3rd party drivers.