Goldtouch Numeric Keypad

The Goldtouch numeric keypad compliments our standard keyboard and can be a great addition for “number crunchers” and laptop users without full keypads. The Goldtouch Numeric Keypad, with included USB hub, complements the Goldtouch Adjustable Comfort Keyboard by allowing for optimal mouse and keypad placement, and the convenience moving/adjusting any time you please. The Goldtouch keypad has that great calculator feel that most “number crunchers” can only dream of on their standard keyboard.

The stand alone numeric keypad allows users to uniquely position keypad to fit comfortably within arm’s reach, and the soft key touch, makes it even easier to plug numbers into your computer. This easy to use plug and play technology is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (and doesn’t require any additional driver installation).

The Goldtouch Keypad makes it easy to access to essential keys such as: – Escape, Tab, Backspace, Shift/FN – and also frequently needed symbols: # @ : ( ) \ % ¢ $ € £ ¥ -. Calculator functions, such as: MS, M+/-, MC, and MR make using MS calculator a breeze. The Clear (Esc), CE (Del), Backspace, +/- 00, and = keys also enhance your calculation experience.