Humanware Prodigi Connect 12

Prodigi Connect 12 Electronic Magnifier

Quick Overview

  •  Lightweight and extremely portable
  • 12.2-inch full HD touchscreen with direct access to object or document being viewed
  •  Powerful, wireless camera – up to 40x magnification in full HD with integrated capture function
  •  Open Android platform provides access to 1,500,000 apps and native synchronization with Google world
  •  Google Docs, Drive, Gmail, Google+, Hangouts, Chrome (all preinstalled)
  •  Smartboard connectivity (Promethean, TeamViewer, VNC)
  •  Bookshare, BARD, Pyxyma, and many other content providers


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An Integrated Digital Magnifier for the Connected Classroom!

The new Prodigi™ Connect 12 is more than a powerful digital magnifier with desktop and distance viewing. This ideal solution for students of all ages opens the window to an intelligent Android world, allowing free and open access to more than a million apps.


The Newest Addition to the Remarkable Prodigi Family

Smarter and more connected than all other low-vision products, HumanWare’s new Prodigi Connect 12 is the evolution of the most advanced digital magnifier  product line. This is the solution for low-vision users looking to enlarge print and images with the added benefit of instant connectivity in the classroom.


Tons of Prodigi Features!

Intelligence and Convenience in One Powerful Tool

Augmenting the Prodigi family’s renowned attributes with a set of new features makes the Prodigi Connect 12 a powerful tool for low-vision users, whether they’re at school, at work, at home or on the go.

  • Read any text from clipboard in Diamond Edge
  • Save distance pictures for viewing within the Gallery
  • New software button banner for easy and quick interface
  • Press home button to toggle to Android
  • Automatic pushes to prompt updating to new versions
  • Live 1-24x magnification in half-page view
  • Perfect Diamond Edge Text™ with extreme capture and processing speed
  • 3 efficient reading modes: page, column and line
  • Speech output on documents and menus
  • Saved document gallery
  • 16 colour schemes


 Ready to Connect

Start Seeing the World in a New Way

The Prodigi Connect 12 is packed with all you need to get started seeing your world with renewed clarity:

  • Foldable stand and tablet, installed and pre-assembled
  • Ready to use apps: Dropbox, Google suite, and more!
  • USB cable and international switching power charger
  • Compatible with Bluetooth keyboard
  • Laptop style carrying case with various pouches and shoulder strap