LVI MagniLink Zip
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LVI MagniLink Zip

MagniLink Zip – Better Than Everything

MagniLink Zip is a foldable, user friendly video magnifier well known for its outstanding image quality and is available in Full HD. This portable video magnifier offers the same functionality as every true video magnifier, like a stable reading table with X/Y friction brakes, guiding lines and low-vision adapted monitor.

4 Models Many Possibilities

MagniLink Zip comes in four models with lots of possibilities. Combined with a battery and/or an X/Y table, the new MagniLink Zip will meet the needs of every user in every situation. And the built-in distance camera, included in all models, makes MagniLink Zip great for students!

Please follow these instructions in order to choose the right model:

  1. Choose your camera  
    • Camera High Definition (HD)
    • Camera Full High Definition (FHD)
  2. Choose your screen size  
    • 13.3″
    • 17.3″

Available Models


Main Features

The best image quality ever
Full HD camera along with multiple optical and software related techniques that result in the most amazing picture ever in a video magnifier.

Foldable and portable – yet a true video magnifier
Unlike many other foldable video magnifiers, this is a true CCTV that retains all their superior benefits.

Fully integrated and designed to look and feel good. The design has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award.

Easy to use
Intuitive control panel with both rotating knobs and buttons to make it admirably easy to maneuver – yet it offers an advanced mode for advanced users.

Low-vision adapted monitor
The MagniLink Zip monitor provides brightly colored screen edges, anti-glare surface, crystal-clear sharpness, high contrast and a dimmer for light-sensitive users.

Market-leading reading table
The MagniLink Zip X/Y table (optional) is thinner than ever, yet it offers the same stability and quality as all other MagniLink X/Y tables, including friction brakes.

TTS Text To Speech & EUC End User Configuration
With USB/HDMI connection (optional), MagniLink Zip can be connected to a PC/Mac. Then, TTS software for PC/Mac (optional) can be used to read text aloud. Also, EUC will then be available, allowing unique settings for each user.

All in one
The 17” Full HD model offers portability, X/Y table, battery, great image quality, carrying case and distance camera. No other video magnifier is that complete!

Really low initial magnification
Choose Full HD for the lowest possible magnification. Great for RP users.

Clever distance viewing with mirror mode
Built-in, yet rotatable distance camera for maximum comfort and manual focus for full control. A Mirror mode, useful for makeup etc, is also available as standard.

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