Math & Science for Braille Readers

Creating Tactile Graphics for Math and Science is Now Easy and Affordable! This All-Inclusive System is Designed with Flexible Tools for Teaching Math and Science to Braille-Reading Students of All Ages!

For Educators:

Create Tactile Graphics Quickly and Easily

  • Draw tactile graphics using a tactile drawing pad, digital pen or mouse
  • Convert bitmap and scanned images into line drawings quickly
  • Add Nemeth braille math labels to your tactile diagrams
  • Add audio labels to tactile graphics for greater interactivity

Make Braille/Tactile Graphs

  • Enter equations to automatically create tactile graphs – with braille!
  • Graph multiple equations on the same graph
  • Emboss premade graph paper – change dimensions and axis with ease

For Students:

Draw Your Own Diagrams Using the Tactipad and Comprehensive Drawing Tools

  • Begin to draw and a raised line will appear so you can see the results instantly!
  • Use the grid frame to draw your own graphs – complete math assignments and tests more easily

Create Braille/Tactile Graphs Instantly

  • Navigate tactile graph with audio feedback
  • Find specific points, mark points of intersection and more

Complete Homework with the Talking Scientific Calculator

This is the first all-inclusive package designed with complimentary tools for both students and educators to work together more efficiently saving valuable prep time and providing a more rich educational experience.