Mini Braille Display

The Portable Braille Display with More to Offer for Less Money!

Now works with all Apple devices!!

The Mini will Provide Braille Input and Output for PCs and Apple Devices (Android Coming Soon).


  • 16 braille cells with cursor routing keys
  • 10 braille input keys
  • Two panning keys and two small joy sticks provide access to basic notetaking functions including:
    • Note pad
    • Book Reader
    • Clock
    • Calculator
  • Connects through either bluetooth or USB
  • Files can be moved to or from your computer with a mini SD card or thumb drive
  • Includes: Carrying case with shoulder strap, USB to Bluetooth adapter and Thumb drive

All Perkins Products Braille Displays come with a standard 2 year warranty. A 1 year service agreement extension is available upon purchase.