OrCam MyReader

OrCam MyReader is a compact device with insightful functionality that allows you to hear any printed text, appearing on any surface.

Who Benefits From Orcam?

OrCam MyReader enables independence for people who are blind, visually impaired, or have dyslexia or other reading desability.

What Does Orcam MyReader Do?

Read from any surface

OrCam MyReader can read any printed text from any surface – newspapers, books, signs, restaurant menus, supermarket product labels and even text on a computer or smartphone screen.

How Does Orcam MyReader Work?

It is easy to use and all you have to do is point. OrCam MyReader is activated by a simple intuitive gesture – pointing your finger or pressing a single button. Whether it’s to read text, recognize a familiar face or identify a product, OrCam MyReader responds instantly.

OrCam MyReader consists of a mini-camera that is clipped to almost any eyeglasses (and if you don’t wear glasses, we’ll provide a frame for you). A thin cable connects the camera to a pocket-sized computer base unit, which fits discreetly into the wearer’s pocket or handbag. OrCam MyReader reads the words aloud and transmits the information to the user via a tiny, discreet speaker next to the ear.

OrCam MyReader can be used – at home, in the office, at school, in a grocery store, on a street, in a restaurant, on the airplane – everywhere.

How Do You Learn To Use Orcam MyEye?

Each OrCam MyReader device is hand-delivered by a citified OrCam TrainerTM who will teach you how to use your new device. It arrives at your doorstep complete with all accessories included.


Here’s What Orcam Users Say:

“I enjoy using my OrCam to read newspapers and magazines that I once had such a difficulty reading. OrCam has given me newfound sense of freedom and independence that I did not have before.” – Elizabeth N.

“I can get a quick view of the newspaper without all of the strain. I read my email from my smart phone on the go, With OrCam, you really get more out of life – I feel less dependent and more relaxed.” – Moshe F

“Sitting at a restaurant with a friend and using OrCam meant that we didn’t have to focus on my disability because I was able to read the menu on my own.” – Debbie S.