Rivo 2

Rivo helps those who are blind use smartphone better and improve daily productivity, independence, and quality of life. It controls the smartphone with navigation commands, supports typing and editing text, delivers all sounds from the smartphone through its speaker and earphone jack, delivers user voice captured from its microphone to the smartphone for phone calls and voice recognition, and more. People are just using Rivo anytime and anywhere to use their smartphone. They are even using the smartphone in the pocket or bag with Rivo while walking.


Screen Navigation Supports touch screen gesture commands required to use the smartphone.
Sound Feedback All sounds including VoiceOver and TalkBack can be played back through its built-in speaker or earphone jack and can be switched instantly between smartphone and Rivo.
Text Rivo supports typing of 27 languages at iPhone with one or two set to be active at a time. You can also edit the text by moving the cursor, making a selection, performing operations like cut, copy, paste, undo and redo, etc.
Phone Call When there’s an incoming call, Rivo vibrates or plays the phone ringtone, and you can receive the call with Rivo. During a phone call, you can receive a second incoming call and switch between the calls. You can also dial a phone number directly with Rivo.
Touch-tones DTMF touch-tones are supported for interactive voice response systems such as telebanking and voicemail..
Voice Recognition Voice assistants like Siri can be activated and used with its microphone and speaker.
Audio Remote Rivo can be used as an audio remote.
One-handed Mode Rivo supports one-handed mode so that people can use it comfortably with one hand while on the move as well as two-handed mode to use it efficiently with both hands.
Device Connection Up to six devices can be stored and connected instantly with Rivo
Battery The battery level can be checked, and if only the keyboard is used, you may use it for more than 15 days after charging for about 3 hours.
OS support iOS, Android
Update Firmware update is supported.