TypeAbility 4.3.4

TypeAbility 4.3.4 is a Revolutionary Product that You Must See to Believe.
TypeAbility is now fully Network compatible so students can be recognized by any computer on the network.YesAccessible! is devoted to providing the blind and visually impaired with software that will enable them to use computer applications just as well as their sighted peers. From Computer Skills and Keyboarding programs like TypeAbility, to music software, like CakeTalking, YesAccessible! software will make working in a computer environment as easy, enjoyable and as productive as possible.

David Pinto, founder of YesAccessible!, has spent his teaching and programming career making sure that students are never left in the dark, that instructions are always complete yet easy to understand, and that a graduated approach to learning is provided that never ever requires knowledge or skills that have not been thoroughly introduced earlier.
And humor? Yes! Because without humor, things get dry indeed, but with a timely and appropriate dash of humor . . . tasks can be a joy.


  • TypeAbility 4.3.4: JAWS 13 through JAWS 18 Supported
  • TypeAbility 4.3.1: JAWS 8 through JAWS 12 Supported
  • WINDOWS 10 Supported
  • MAGic 12-14 Supported
  • New TypeAbility Installer Simplifies Admin Tasks
  • New TypeAbility Installer Simplifies Network Installs
  • Support for Partial Laptop Keyboards
  • Support for One Handed Typists
  • Support for UK Keyboards
  • Basic Support for Braille Input using the Power Chord USB Braille Keyboard
  • Support for Networked Computers

TypeAbility is a program that teaches the entire computer keyboard in 99 user-friendly lessons. By the end of the lessons, the student will have mastered all the letters, numbers, punctuation, as well as navigation and editing in dialogs and text documents. TypeAbility is great fun for all ages!

TypeAbility 4.3 for JAWS, relys on speech provided by either the screen reader JAWS, or the magnification program MAGic. If you wish to run TypeAbility along with JAWS, you can use either a full version of JAWS, or the free JAWS demo.

The screen magnification program MAGic, comes in 2 flavors: one without speech, and one with speech.  So, if you wish to run TypeAbility along with MAGic, you have 2 choices to get speech while running MAGic:
1) Use the MAGic version that has speech
2) Use the version of MAGic that doesn’t have speech, but at the same time run either the full version of JAWS, or the free demo version of JAWS.


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