Zoomax Acesight

Revolutionary Technology, Natural Experience

The new line of Zoomax wearable augmented reality (AR) glasses, Acesight, is designed for visually impaired people seeking great independence. Acesight opens up a whole new world for people with vision loss. Feature a lightweight headset, with Acesight, seeing is as easy as looking.


Larger Field of View

A 45-degree field of view expands the visual scale to a wider range than ever before.


Floating Reading Mode

Thanks to advanced, augmented reality (AR) technology, Acesight captures text and images and presents them in floating form before your eyes. The experience is similar to watching a film at the cinema. Adjusting your head left or right allows you to see different parts of what is in front and around you.

Outline Function

Acesight AR glasses can also outline objects, which adapts to different optical diseases.

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