ZooMax M5

The First 2HD Electronic Magnifier Solution for Perfect Image Quality

Treat yourself with the clearest image you’ve ever been offered on a 5-inch electronic magnifier.  Unique to ZOOMAX, 1280*720p screen resolution display creates incredible crystal-clear image and avoid motion blur for any age group. The sensitive HD touch screen also reduces eye strain and increase eye comfort.

Utilizing two 5-megapixel cameras at a resolution of 1280*720p, M5 catches every detail of your reading material. The two cameras were designed in the center at the back for better positioning.

The First and the ONLY Combined Touchscreen & Tactile Interface

Through great customer survey on using experience and accessibility, Zoomax developed the first combined interface, adding the power of the touchscreen while maintaining the tactile buttons that are familiar to users. Anyone who has ever used a video magnifier will immediately feel comfortable using M5 in traditional/familiar ways, and need only advance to use the touchscreen interface once they feel ready, especially for seniors.

One-Flick Design to Change Contrast Color

With “one-flick” design on M5’s sensitive touch screen, color contrasts could be easily changed in a second. Users can freely flick in any direction to circle around the full color and contrast color modes to your specific needs.

Easy Panning of the Captured Image

Panning is an extension of the viewing experience. When the M5 is zoomed in, press the screen and pan to view detailed parts of the photo. With the panning features and sharp image quality, one can manage to see very tiny details. Save up to 60 photos.

Easy-To-Learn Touch Gestures

ZOOMAX believes less is more. As other manufacturers start implementing all the functions into complicated touch gestures, ZOOMAX searched out and innovatively redefine touch gestures.Click here to download the Touch Gesture Guide

Hassle Free Method for Changing Between Reading and Distance Viewing 

To create the best image possible, M5 employs two separate 5-megapixel HD cameras for distance viewing and close/reading mode seperately.It can be switched quickly and automatically adapting to the natural position of the user.


  • 2HD image quality
  • Favorite color modes
  • Real-time crisp image freeze
  • Save up to 60 images
  • Easy panning to view detailed parts of the photo
  • Near and distance viewing by close/open the reading stand
  • Connection to PC/monitor via HDMI to have higher magnification
  • Intelligently save the last using setting after power off including color mode, magnification, sound, etc.
  • Power saving after no operation in 3 minutes
  • Special tailored Zoomax protective bag


  • Magnification: 2.3X ~ 16X
  • Color modes: 10 high contrast color modes plus full color; 3 favorite color modes, including full color
  • Screen:  5-inch TFT touch screen; screen resolution: 1280x720p
  • Camera:  dual camera (5 megapixels); auto focus/tap-to-focus under distance-view mode; fixed focus under near-view mode
  • Continuous magnification: select the suitable magnification
  • Viewing distance:  4.8cm for near-view; >5cm for distance-view
  • Connect to TV/Monitor
  • Power adapter: Input: 100—240V    Output: 5V/2.5A

Continuous Use: (Fully charged battery) approximately 4 hours battery life (depending on Mode and Brightness level settings)

  • Charging time: approximately 4.5 hours
  • Total weight: approximately 265g/9.35oz.
  • Dimensions: 173mm(L)* 80mm(W)* 20mm(D)/6.8” * 3.1” * 0.8”