Zoomax Snow 10 Pro

10″ Video Magnifier with TTS

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro is the perfect blend of portability, affordability, and advanced functionality typically found in devices costing much more. Standard features include OCR and speech, and a 3-way camera that adjusts for distance viewing, reading, or as a mirror. With an MP3 music player, the ability to store 1,000 images, and magnification to 19x, Snow 10 Pro delivers!

Key Features

Unique Handheld Magnifier with Speech

Don’t just magnify your world. Snow 10 Pro features clear, human-sounding speech that literally brings the printed word to life.

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle has Never Been Easier

Don’t let a visual impairment slow you down. With Snow 10 Pro, accessing the world of print is as easy as ABC. Place Snow 10 Pro over virtually any printed material, press a button, and seconds later hear the words spoken out loud as they are highlighted. Amazing!

High Accuracy Improves the Study Experience

For students who struggle to read, learning can be both frustrating and time consuming. When we struggle with comprehension, we may need to re-read the same passage of text. But with the world-leading OCR and speech technology inside Snow 10 Pro, converting printed text into speech is fast and easy. The combined visual and auditory approach to reading with Snow 10 Pro improves learning outcomes.

Improved Productivity

We’ve all been there. It’s a busy day at work, and there isn’t enough time left in the day to get it all done. While Snow 10 Pro cannot do your work for you, it can make things easier. Instead of slowly reading magnified print, sit back with headphones and let Snow 10 Pro read to you instead. Choose between a male and female voice and select the reading speed you prefer. It’s easy with the incredible Snow 10 Pro.

Supports English and 19 Other Languages

Touring the world is easier with Snow 10 Pro. It supports 20 different languages including English.

Listen to PDF, RTF, and TXT Files

Why spend weeks or months making school curriculum accessible for students with visual impairments when Snow 10 can do the work for you in a matter of seconds? If your curriculum exists electronically in formats like PDF, just copy those files to Snow 10 Pro and immediately view materials in magnified form, or have the text spoken with human-sounding speech.

Print materials? No problem, use the OCR feature in Snow 10 Pro to take a photo of a page of text, and moments later be listening to words being spoken out loud.