OrCam My Eye 2.0

For blind and partially sighted people, an artificial vision device with a lightweight smart camera that instantly reads text aloud- from any surface – and recognizes faces, products, and money notes in real time.

All packed into a tiny device the size of your finger.

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Zoomax AceSight

The new line of Zoomax wearable augmented reality (AR) glasses, Acesight, is designed for visually impaired people seeking greater independence. Acesight opens up a whole new world for people with vision loss. Featuring a lightweight headset, with Acesight, seeing is as easy as looking.

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Dolphin GuideConnect

Dolphin Guide empowers you to browse webpages, write letters, send emails, scan and listen to documents and much more; and because Dolphin Guide reads out everything aloud, you can never get lost or confused.
It’s ideal for seniors that have deteriorating sight, are completely blind, or are partially sighted.

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OrCam My Eye 2.0 Zoomax AceSight Dolphin GuideConnect

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