Humanware Explorē 12 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

Item Number: FGEX-1022

Magnify your active lifestyle

Explorē 12 is an easy-to-use electronic magnifier with superb full high-definition image quality that enhances both near and distance viewing, allowing you to do the things you want. As the largest portable magnifier in the explore series, its 12-inch touchscreen is perfect for anyone desiring a larger interface. When used with the foldable stand, explore 12 rises above the table, giving plenty of room to read and write.

See things differently

Whether you experience macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or cataracts, you can regain autonomy and re-engage with the world around you with a little help from HumanWare’s solutions.

Success magnified

Its lightweight design makes it the perfect companion for students attending classes or lectures and for completing homework assignments. Explorē 12 is not only easy to carry around, it also allows students to start their class without delay. Take it out of the bag, switch it on and it's ready to go. With a 12-inch touchscreen, it is the largest of the explorē portable magnifiers. It comes with a built-in stand for desktop activities and a folding stand that provides space for longer reading and writing tasks.

Remain productive in any learning or working environment

With its superior magnification range, this tablet-sized magnifier allows the continuation of everyday activities like reading and writing, viewing of pictures and maps, and much more, just about anywhere. Use the zoom and pan gestures to read textbooks seamlessly without having to move them frequently.


Lightweight device loaded with next-level features

  • Polarized LED lighting to reduce glare from shiny surfaces
  • Distance camera
  • Up to 30x magnification with auto-focus
  • Touchscreen gestures with adjustable brightness, auto shut-off and preferred zoom
  • Horizontal panning for easier reading
  • Image capture gallery
  • Available in 30 languages
  • 17 color contrast options
  • 2-year HumanWare warranty



  • Working height of 16.5cm / 6.5in
  • 12-inch, full high-definition screen with 2-integrated cameras
  • 3.5-hour battery
  • Device weight: 2.5Ibs / 1134g
  • Type-C USB charging and file transfer
  • High-resolution video output
  • Included in the box:
    • Folding, transportable reading stand (option)
    • Type-C USB and high-resolution video cables
    • Carry bag, neoprene protective sleeve, cleaning cloth and matte screen protector
    • User Manual and Getting Started (English/French)


Exploring the world has never been easier

With its innovative and comprehensive family of products, HumanWare is changing the way vision-impaired people communicate, work and travel. Now with the explorē 12, people with low vision can enjoy all the benefits of a large screen in a compact, portable package, with zero compromise on style, quality and comfort.