Index Acoustic Hood Cabinet

Item Number: 70-AH-CABINET

Index Acoustic Hood Cabinet

Acoustic Cabinet for Index Everest-D, Index Basic-D, Juliet 120 and Romeo 60

The Index Acoustic Cabinet provides a cost effective solution for housing the natural noise made when embossing braille with a braille embosser. 

The Index Acoustic Cabinet is specifically designed for the Index Everest-D V5, Index Basic-D V5. It is suitable for high volume braille production in any office or classroom like environment, offering pleasant noise levels.

Providing an experience of over a 25 dB(A) noise reduction the Index Acoustic Cabinet is the preferred choice for your Index embosser.

The Index Acoustic Cabinet comes in two flat packages and is easy to assemble following the included assembly instruction, just choose embosser model when assembling.

Dominating hardware materials: Painted MDF Board (MDF=Medium Density Fiberboard) and hardened glass.



Net size: 45.5 x 24 x 17 in.

Net weight: 85.3 lbs.