HIMS BrailleSense 6 MINI (BS6 MINI)

Item Number: H520B

Introducing the BrailleSense 6 mini

You don’t need to compromise power and performance for size. With the BrailleSense 6 mini, you can read books, write reports, complete assignments, send emails, share documents, and stay connected. The BrailleSense 6 Mini is built to go with you, where you need to go.


  • Updated Operating System
Keep your device compatible with applications and security longer with Android 10, the latest Android OS on any notetaker and a guaranteed future Android upgrade.


  • Mainstream Speed

Apps load instantly, multitasking is fast, presentations are seamless and large files load faster with an 8-core CPU, 6 GB RAM, and double the storage.


  • Portable Design

The BrailleSense 6 mini is built to go with you without compromise. A long lasting battery and streamline design makes for a perfect portable companion.


6 GB of Memory

For when you need to get things done fast without the lag

Octa-Core CPU

Increased performance for multitasking and meeting demands of powerful apps

Share Visually with USB-C

Ditch the screen and share visually with a single cord, just as it should be

128 GB Storage

For keeping all of your files with you, no matter the size

Ultimate Connectivity

Mix audio tracks, live stream video, and more with off-the-shelf peripherals