Large Print Bluetooth Mini Keyboard - Mac

Item Number: LKB-LPWB-BTON

The Logickeyboard Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is the industry’s first large print Bluetooth keyboard designed for the Vision impaired and mature-aged Mac users. Now there is a way to type on a real keyboard with letters that are easy to see and locate. The mini keyboard is compact and light-to-carry with proven Bluetooth technology that can connect to any Bluetooth compatible device.

Logickeyboard has defined the function keys on the keyboard to match the latest Mac OS. Vision-impaired and mature-aged iPad users no longer have to live with keyboards that are difficult to type on and with letters that are too small to see. The Logickeyboard Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is the answer to anyone who wants to type with ease on a Bluetooth device.

You can minimize typing errors and reduce eye strain. The keyboard is enhanced with high contrast markings that will last. The keyboard is perfect for those who are visually impaired or just need a little bit more help with their eyesight.

The Logickeyboard Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is available in three high contrast color schemes; White on Black, Black on White, Black on Yellow.