Nara 7 Handheld Video Magnifier - NEW!

by LVI
Item Number: NARA-7

A smart solution to reading magnification!

The Nara 7 is an affordable electronic handheld magnifier that can assist you with daily reading tasks! It comes with a built-in reading stand, high-contrast buttons, a large screen, and a protective carrying case. Simply fold the reading stand down, place it on top of printed text, and magnify up to 32X! You can use it for books, newspapers, and any other print materials you want to read.

If you prefer to hold the Nara 7 instead of using the built-in reading stand, you can keep the stand folded up and hold it in your hands. All you need to do is point it at anything you want to magnify!

Want to connect it to a larger screen?

Use the handy built-in video output! When you use this option, simply connect your Nara to your TV with a compatible HDMI cable. The camera will send its output directly to your TV for an even larger viewing experience.

Technical Specifications:

  • 7" screen
  • Dimensions 7.68" x 4.92" x .98" Weight 13.94oz
  • 2-32X magnification levels
  • Built-in reading stand/handle combination
  • 4 hours of battery life with continuous use
  • Freeze frame and image-saving options
  • Adjustable settings such as reading lines
  • HDMI output for connection to an external monitor