Humanware StellarTrek

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The StellarTrek is mixing old school O&M technologies with newer AI technologies.


Who it's for

Help blind and visually impaired people regain some autonomy by supplementing traditional navigational tools.



  • Navigate to your desired location by using either the virtual keyboard, a physical keyboard, or voice dictation
  • Get a more accurate final forty feet navigation with address recognition
  • Read labels, signs, mail, etc. with the integrated OCR camera system using quick or detailed reading
  • Save your favorite destinations or obstacles on common routes by using the landmarks
  • 20+ hours of Battery life


 What's included

  • StellarTrek device
  • Belt clip & wrist lanyard
  • USB-C cable & adapter
  • Getting Started guide


Still to Come

The platform and AI capabilities of the StellarTrek are allowing us to envision very interesting features in the future.

Features being explored:

  • Compass feature
  • Scene recognition
  • Currency recognition
  • Indoor navigation
  • And much, much more!