FanFold-D V5

Item Number: 06-FANFOLDV5

Traditional high-speed fanfold paper

By tradition continuous fanfold paper is the mostly used paper format in braille printing for high volume production. This is because it enables printing of a full box of paper continuously without being monitored.

Noise-canceling design

The FanFold-D's noise level is the lowest among other high-speed braille printers. This has been achieved by:

  • Completely ​sealed unit including paper in and out bins

  • Ventilation through mufflers
  • Stable acoustic hood with internal damping of the noise energy

Support sideways z-folding

In addition to printing braille horizontally, the FanFold-D V5 can also print vertically. This makes it possible to print new formats with simplified binding.

Advantages with sideways z-folding:

  • More effective paper-out handling.

  • Less risk of mixing or twisting braille printout paper during manual binding.

  • Easier binding of braille document.

Light to sharpen the design

Light is an important design component in all V5 embossers and a hallmark for its technology level. It is used as a guide in the user interface and a decoration in the embosser.

FanFold-D technology

Built with all latest Index V5 platform technologies and features, FanFold-D V5 replaces the earlier tractor-fed embosser 4Waves PRO. It is better, lower priced, lighter, smaller and easier to maintain.

Less is more

FanFold-D has a straight forward design concept using the well-proven BrailleBox's embossing platform, extended with formula tractors of the same types used in Basic-D V4/V5 all packed in an acoustic hood.

Easy on-site maintenance

Maintaining FanFold-D on site can be done without a trained technician. This major step is possible because:

  • No mechanical adjustment is required.

  • No lubrication of moving parts. This eliminates the problem of dust and reduces the cleaning need.

  • The complete mechanic printing module is accessible after opening the glass lid.

  • Only a few modules: embossing module with driver electronic board, electronic module with power supply, CPU board, the user interface and a few sensors.

  • Sensors and firmware upgrades are shown by light-up text.

  • Web interface to monitor embosser status, etc.

  • Remote support from Index factory.

  • Exploded view drawings combined with web shop make spare parts accessible for everyone.

High resolution tactile graphics

Braille books including tactile graphics

FanFold-D makes it possible to include tactile graphics in a braille book. A high resolution tactile graphic page can be included in any position in a braille book as long as the braille editor supports this function. The only limitation is that tactile graphic page is single sided, as printing braille on the back side reduces the tactile image quality.

Old expensive graphic printing

Traditionally it was complicated to add tactile graphic into a braille book. This was because the production braille printers did not support tactile graphic, the horizontal dot distance was typically always the same, and only the distance between lines was possible to reduce.

The tactile graphics quality created in this way was so low that it was not accepted by users. Instead the normal way to add graphic has been to make it separately with swell forming. This method is expensive, manual and complicated.

An enjoyable user interface

The control panel is a local user interface which allows the user to interact with the braille embosser and provides complete embosser control.

Emboss & manage from portable devices

Index Braille V5 embossers are compatible with portable devices. With the use of your portable device and Index's own idB (free), endless braille embossing options are available directly from your smart phone, tablet or portable PC.

Even better braille quality

The V5 solenoids (hammers) offer even better braille dot quality, a longer life cycle, higher embossing speed and lower power consumption.

idB: Index-direct-Braille

idB is a direct braille printing application built in the V5 braille embosser. It is available free of charge and compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Affordable price

Full of truly useful features and endless braille embossing opportunities, Index V5 braille embossers still maintain the most affordable braille printer price comparatively.

Acapela synthetic speech

In V5 embossers the speech feedback is generated by Acapela synthetic speech. This enables easy feedback when controlling the embosser user interface.

Interpoint Braille

High quality Braille on both sides of the paper, known as interpoint or double-sided braille, is an Index Braille trademark.

Remote support

Get Index Braille embosser support from anywhere in the world by simply connecting to our remote support function embedded in the V5 embosser.

USB host port

Connect a USB memory stick directly to any Index V5 braille embosser via USB host port to directly print braille documents or back up and restore embosser settings.