Index Braille Box V5

Item Number: 06-BRAILLEBOXV5

High production volumes

Braille Box is the best embosser for high volume production of braille, using cut sheet paper. It has the best sheet feeder ever to be used in a braille embosser, high speed and high durability.

Best price for performance

Using the latest electronic platforms, injection modeling tools and professional design Index Braille has made it possible to combine high performance and an attractive price. Braille Box is a masterwork from Index Braille, giving our customers what they have asked for in high volume production printer.

Low Noise Level

Previously, good dot quality has always resulted in a high noise level. Now this has changed. Braille Box is the first single sheet Braille embosser that is completely sealed off. This combined with a muffled ventilation gives a surprisingly low noise level. Braille Box can be placed in an office environment, making no more noise than an ink printer.

Best Sheet Feeder

The basis for making a good single sheet embosser is the sheet feeder. The sheet feeder used in Braille Box is owned by Index Braille and the best ever to be used in a braille embosser. The pick up function has been optimized for quality Braille paper and tested to perfection. The paper tray holds up to 400 sheets of paper.