LVI MagniLink One V3

by LVI
Item Number: ML-ONE-3

MagniLink One – Version 3

The MagniLink One Goes Full HD!

LVI is bringing the MagniLink One camera in-line with the MagniLink Zip by updating the camera on the MagniLink One to FHD. 

Upgraded Features:

  • FHD, 1080P camera
  • Same quality camera we use on the Zip
  • However, it is a fixed document camera on the One
  • Simple to use control panel
  • 17-inch anti-glare monitor
  • No battery option – must plug in unit
  • Sturdy carrying case
  • Sold with or without integrated XY-table


MagniLink One - the one and only!

The foldable MagniLink One is easy to use with high image quality and user-friendly operation. It's the elemental video magnifier that really exceeds expectations.

Observe that in the video below we show MagniLink One with blue knobs on the control panel. Today we have orange knobs on the unit. Besides the change of color at the knobs the video is correct as the functions are the same.


The control panel with tactile buttons is very easy to operate – a few buttons are all that you need to improve your everyday life! It is also easy to fold up and down and can easily be stoved away or brought along on a trip.

With MagniLink One you can continue solving crosswords, doing needlework, and reading even when your vision has deteriorated. 

Premium materials

The high-quality camera, electronics, and monitor provide an outstanding picture quality. The premium materials, details, and finish ensure that the unit is as stable as it is durable. MagniLink One is designed both to look and feel good.

Low-vision adapted monitor

The MagniLink One’s 17” monitor is Low Vision adapted and offers an anti-glare surface, crystal clear sharpness, and high contrast.

Carry case is included

Your MagniLink One comes in a practical carrying case that will ease transportation. The case has orange details which make it easier to find zippers and pockets. 

Convenient reading table

You can choose your MagniLink One with or without integrated reading table. The reading table is stable yet thin, has friction brakes, and is a perfect tool when you move documents while reading, especially at high magnification. Observe that the reading table is factory-installed and needs to be ordered from the start.