LVI MagniLink Vision

by LVI
Item Number: MLVBASIC-FHD2

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MagniLink Vision is a video magnifier that offers users with visual impairment all the functions they need at an attractive price. It is a modern, flexible video magnifier with an ergonomic, user-friendly design. 


The video magnifier that learned how to speak!

The MagniLink Vision with text to speech functionality, MagniLink Vision TTS, gives you the advantage of having a high quality video magnifier that also reads text aloud. That’s the best of both worlds - all in one product! Use the CCTV mode for writing or reading and when you get fatigued or encounter long passages, just switch to TTS mode to listen to the text displayed on the screen. The spoken text is synchronized with the magnified text and is easy to follow if you wish. Or just sit back, and let the MagniLink Vision TTS do the reading for you. You’ll find it restful and enjoyable. Plus the reading mode helps maximize your reading endurance.

With Full HD the unit offers an even lower initial magnification, providing a better overview of the materials to be scanned and OCR processed with the TTS. Please note that TTS must be delivered from the start.


Lots of possibilities for work, home and school

MagniLink Vision comes with an ergonomic, integrated control panel with tactile buttons and / or knobs within a comfortable reach. MagniLink Vision has a large monitor*, providing excellent image quality, and is available with a smooth, ergonomic A3 X/Y- able with smooth edges and friction brakes.


The Visions can be adapted to all users’ needs,
regardless of whether the system is to be used at school, at home or at a workplace. A high quality camera with Full HD, a low vision-adapted monitor and dimmable lights ensures perfect conditions for light-sensitive users with visual impairments.

Text to speech
The optional Text-to-Speech (TTS), offers the best of both worlds – a high-quality reading camera and a reading machine in the same product. TTS provides increased reading speed, improved comprehension, and less eye fatigue which creates an overall better reading experience. TTS must be ordered from the start since it is factory installed.


Model MagniLink Vision FHD 24“
Magnification 2.0-70x
Weight 27.5 lb
Height* Min. 20.9”, Max. 24.8”
Stand, Width 16.7”
Depth 20.0”
Measurements Screen Width 21.3”, Height 12.6”

Model MagniLink Vision FHD 27”
Magnification 2.4-85x
Weight 28.7 lb
Height* Min. 22.4”, Max. 26.4”
Stand, Width 16.7”
Depth 20.0”
Measurements Screen Width 24.0”, Height 14.2”
*Depends on height